The Drink

OUTOX is an interesting alternative to what is presently on offer in the refreshing non-alcoholic drinks market. It is a slightly sparkling sweet drink with a pleasant “Tutti Frutti” taste that may be enjoyed like any other refreshing drink but also for its anti hangover effects.

Outox is also an energetic drink. In other words, it’s a drink that brings the natural energy in your body and, unlike the energy drinks, which has no effect on your heart with stimulants ingredient like caffeine or taurine.

Wihtout Taurine - Without affeine


Its properties

The combination of the different ingredients accelerates the natural lowering of alcohol levels and prevents hangover symptoms.

This effects are significant but vary from one subject to another, depending on state of health and food eaten previously, the age and weight of the individual; they also vary from one day to another.

It is only aimed at occasional, moderate drinkers who are looking to suffer less from the deleterious effects of their alcohol consumption. Its effect, is therefore of no interest to people who drink for the so-called ‘beneficial’ and pleasant effects such as an euphoric state or loss of inhibition because taking the product would go against what they are seeking to achieve by drinking.

Who we are ?

  • Discover the origins of the product, the records of the functional beverage challenges revolutionizes the emerging market for soft drinks


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