The double effect

The principal active ingredients in Outox are the combination of fructose (used in hospital casualty departments to sober up people who have a high level of alcohol in their blood) and citric and ascorbic acids. They act on the liver to stimulate production of the enzymes that break down alcohol by oxidisation into C0² and water, which are then eliminated naturally.

This physical phenomenon has a dual effect which varies from one person to another (weight, age, sex, state of health, etc.) :

  • In the first instance, taken together with alcohol, it limits and slows down the rise in alcohol concentration and acts in the same way on the neurological state.
  • In the second instance, taken after alcohol, it accelerates the natural lowering of alcohol in the blood with a maximum effect after 45 minutes to 1 hour.

It is this dual effect that makes Outox so effective.

Le bénéfice d'Outox


The good fructose

Outox is made of natural ingredients, mainly pure fructose, THE GOOD FRUCTOSE.

  • The fructose used in Outox is pure crystallised fructose unlike most soft drinks that use glucose/fructose syrup, so a very different product.
  • Pure crystallised fructose comes from sugar beet, contains only fructose and has a very high purity. Fructose can also be found in fruit and honey and as an ingredient in saccharose (combined with glucose). It has a particularly low glycemic index (19), which means that it is often recommended for diabetics, whereas glucose has a very high glycemic index (100).


Mode of action

Outox’s action is largely due to two of its main ingredients: fructose and citric acid.

Certain organic acids (citric, lactic, tartaric, ...) are known as being able to limit gastric emptying in a dose/effect relation when taken in an aqueous solution.

Outox allows :

  • To enhance the activity of enzymes and so increase the breakdown of alcohol into CO2 and water;
  • To slow down gastric transit for a better alcohol digestion before entering in the intestine and to be released in the blood.

Who we are ?

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