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I am diabetic, can I drink Outox ?

Fructose helps towards a moderate release of insulin into the blood. In all cases we recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice.

Can I drive after drinking Outox ?

Yes, if you haven’t drunk any alcohol! The fact that you have drunk Outox doesn’t mean that you can drive in a drunken state. You must first and foremost abide by the legal limits set down by the Road Safety authority and the legislation in each country.

Can you drink Outox at the same time as an energy drink ?

Yes, there are no contra-indications.

If I haven’t drunk alcohol, can I still drink Outox ?

Yes, of course. Outox is a pleasant, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed like an ordinary fizzy drink

Are there any side-effects ?

No, there are no side-effects to drinking Outox.

What is fructose ?

Fructose is a simple sugar that can be found in large quantities in fruit and honey.

The Outox effect seems really interesting. Why hasn’t such a product been invented before ?

The use of fructose to sober someone up was first noticed in Casualty departments. But before Outox was launched on the public at large, there had to be laboratory tests and a study made of the most pleasant way of taking it without it losing its effectiveness.

Does it work for everyone ?

Every organism reacts differently and it depends on individual characteristics (sex, age, weight,…) and contextual circumstances (tiredness, stress, medicines/drugs taken...).

what does Outox taste like ?

Outox is a fizzy drink with a “Tutti Frutti” taste.

When should Outox be consumed occasionally ?

- Before or during a meal, an evening out, a short, on any occasion linked to a risk of excessive alcohol consumption.
- In all cases, 10 to 15 minutes after your last glass.
- Before going to bed in order to avoid a hangover. You can drink Outox like an ordinary soft drink.

How many cans of Outox do you need to drink for it to work ?

One whole can is enough, i.e. 250ml of Outox, for the first effects to be seen.

How long does it take for Outox to works ?

Every organism is different. On average, the first effects can be seen between ¾ of an hour and 1 hour after drinking a 250ml can. The speed with which it takes effect depends on the individual’s sex, weight, age and general state of health.

What proof is there of Outox’s effectiveness ?

Scientific tests:
- Study by the Dermscan Laboratory in France, 2010
- Study by the University of Innsbruck in Austria, 2005
- Univ.Prof.Dr.R.Scheithauer | Forensic Expert - Medical University of Innsbruck
- Study by the University of Szeged in Hungary, 2003
- Univ.Prof.Dr.Tibor Varga | Accredited study by the Medical order of the State of California (US)
- Ernouf & Lejeune study, 2002
- Toxicology Laboratory, Tours Faculty of Pharmacy (France).

How does Outox work ?

Outox promotes an increase in the liver enzymes responsible for eliminating alcohol.

What are the effects of Outox ?

Outox is a refreshing drink that accelerates* the natural fall of the alcohol level in the blood and prevents hangovers the next day**.

* Variable depending on the individual, their weight, age, sex, state of health and from one day to another
** recorded level of alcohol breathed out into the air, clinical tests carried out by an independent French laboratory.

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